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Webinar Series |Navigating the drug discovery to development continuum

The crippling levels of attrition within the pharmaceutical industry and the associated diminishing return on investment (ROI) have resulted in a number of approaches aimed at increasing the success rates from pre-development candidate (PDC) nomination to new drug approval. The “quality” of the PDC determines development and clinical success and the key decisions taken in the discovery phase have a strong influence on overall development cost, time and ultimately the probability of delivering successful new medicines.

Evotec's new webinar series will highlight our differentiated platform and value proposition leveraging a fully integrated discovery and development continuum to enable both the invention and selection of the highest quality drug candidates. In addition to reducing timelines and overall costs, this approach has led to increased success rates from PDC nomination to clinical development with the potential to deliver much needed new medicines to patients together with significantly improved ROI.

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Enabling the Drug Discovery and Development Continuum

Ciriaco Maraschiello | Steve Bromidge |
Rob Riley | Bozena Adamczyk

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Integrating Developability Assessment into Lead Optimisation: Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Aspects

Paul Wiedenau | Eric Cogo

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Integrating Developability Assessment into Lead Optimisation: Preclinical Aspects

Michela Pecoraro | Stefano Fontana

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The Speakers


Ciriaco Maraschiello

Steve Bromidge

Paul Wiednau

Michela Pecoraro 


Ciriaco Maraschiello
EVP, Global Head of Drug Development

Steve Bromidge
EVP, Head of Global Discovery Chemistry

Paul Wiedenau
Manager, API Chemistry

Michela Pecoraro
VP, Safety Assessment


Rob Riley


Eric Cogo bw

Fontana bn



 Rob Riley
EVP, Drug Discovery

Bozena Adamczyk
VP, Head of Integrated Development Programmes

Eric Cogo
VP, DMPK and Developability Assessment

Stefano Fontana