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Evotec provides bespoke anti-infective research and development in three main therapeutic areas, Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR), Virology and Global Health, advancing projects from target ID to the Clinic.  We have established a leading-edge platform enabling the discovery and development of new therapies and therapeutic approaches to treat and prevent serious and life-threatening infections. Integration, innovation and efficiency are the main elements characterising Evotec’s expertise. This also reaches beyond conventional antimicrobial agents into multiple alternative modalities such as targeting virulence attributes, specific pathogen antibodies, combination therapies, antimicrobial peptides (AMPs), and phage technologies

Our Anti-infective experts will be in a attendance at ID Week and would welcome the opportunity to discuss your projects

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Felici Antonio


Antonio Felici

VP, Anti-Infective, AMR Therapeutic Lead

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Pia Thommes

VP, Anti-Infectives, Virology Therapeutic Lead

Francesca Bernardini


Francesca Bernardini

VP In Vitro Biology




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Evotec's Global Fight in Infectious Disease
This factsheet highlights the key platforms available within Evotec's Global Infectious Disease expertise
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Faster Development of Anti-Infective Therapies: the Hollow Fibre Infection Model

This white paper describes and appraise todays most versatile in vitro system for the determination of in vitro PK/PD relationships between antimicrobial compounds and bacteria, fungi or viruses. It will covering

  • The importance of non clinical PK/PD
  • Why and when the HFMI should be used in the drug discovery process
  • Evotec's HFMI expertise
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Innovation Driven Commitment To Anti-Bacterial Discovery

At the session on antimicrobial resistance held at the OneNucleus Genesis conference in December 2020, Evotec's VP Anti-infectives Antonio Felici and other field experts discussed how innovation is instrumental in successfully developing new antibacterials. 

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Evotec's Long Term Vision In Tuberculosis

Evotec is at the forefront of TB research, advancing a portfolio of drug discovery programmes and an innovative translational science platform to accelerate drug regimen development. Last year saw us help launch many new collaborations to develop novel regimens to treat all forms of TB

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